Welcome to Angels Charity: Bringing Hope to War-Torn Lives

 Join us in our mission to provide relief and support to children in war-affected areas worldwide.

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You can help lots of people
by donating little​

Impactful Initiatives: Angels Charity’s projects redefine possibilities for children in war-torn regions globally

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How can we
help them?

Empower change. Donate to Angels Charity, volunteer, or fundraise. Your support transforms the lives of war-affected children worldwide

  • Help for education
  • Help for water
  • Help for humanity
  • Help for food
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Water today. Health tomorrow.
Hope for generations.







Real people.
Real transformation

Angels Charity gave hope where it seemed lost. Their impact is profound. Grateful for their work

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“Incredible work by Angels Charity. They turn compassion into action, making a real difference for children in need.”
Alep, Syria
“Transformative support for children in crisis. Angels Charity’s dedication is changing lives globally. Gratitude abounds.”
Kaboul, Afghanistan.
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Support a clean
water project today

Make a difference by getting involved. Volunteer, advocate, or organize events. Your support is crucial in bringing positive change to the lives of war-affected children through Angels Charity.

  • Help for education
  • Help for Humanity
  • Help for water
  • Help for food
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Step forward, serve
humanity, reach
out & help

Join our community. Volunteer your time, advocate for change, or organize a fundraiser. Together, let’s make a lasting impact on the lives of children affected by conflict

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Small actions lead
to big change.

From educational initiatives to healthcare support, our projects are tailored to address the unique challenges faced by these resilient young souls.

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the Lifewater Way

We do it all for people
humans project

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Palestinian girls studying at the UNRWA Shijaya School in Gaza.
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Reach out & help in
our latest events

Be a Changemaker: Join Angels Charity in making a lasting impact. Together, we create a brighter future for vulnerable children.

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Caring about the
community & the children
  • Fri, 08:00 AM – Fri, 09:00 AM
  • Manila, Philippine
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Sharing our faith & love
with children
  • Fri, 08:00 AM – Fri, 09:00 AM
  • Dodola, Ethiopia
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Our Mission

We won’t stop until every
child has safe water

Angels Charity Mission: Alleviate suffering, provide hope. We’re dedicated to supporting children in war-torn regions worldwide.

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